3 Reasons Your SMB's PPC Campaign Is Under-Performing

PPC campaigns can under-perform for a variety of reasons. Below are three frequent reasons many SMBs do not realize the full benefits of their PPC campaigns.

1. Wrong Keywords

Research is crucial to succeed in the competitive paid search environment. If you’re an SMB competing against well-known brands with vast resources, it is vital that you do your homework to find the keywords that pose the greatest opportunity for your business. Start with your competitors and go from there. Add negative keywords as well. Your web analytics tool will identify the keywords that convert the best...and the worst. Move dollars to the former and exclude the latter (i.e. negative keywords) in your campaign. And remember, always, always, always test!

2. Wrong Settings

When you setup Google AdWords for the first time it is tempting to not make changes to the default settings. After all, Google are the experts, right? This may work fine for you business, but it is important to find the settings that work best for your strategy. Broad-matching may be too broad for you and lead to low quality traffic. Your target prospects may do most of their searching during business hours so you may want to halt your campaign on nights and weekends. The default geographic targeting for your metro area may be more than you think (often selecting a metro area can include half of a state!). Automatic bids may wipe out your daily budget with one click. Review and test the settings to find out what works for your business.

3. Wrong Landing Page

When competition is intense, often the battle can be won after the click. Far too often businesses excel at getting traffic by spending more but falter at converting traffic. You may not have the resources to compete on traffic, but what you lack in quantity you can make up for in quality. By using content that targets the traffic to your landing page based on your keywords, you are providing a better experience than the businesses that offer generic information or worse yet, their home page. The prospect has told you what they are looking for with their keyword, why not use that information?