5 SMB Digital Marketing Trends For 2013

”Mobilocaltext” Continues

The trend towards mobile, local and contextual that we have observed in 2012 will continue if not accelerate in 2013. Consumers are wanting convenient and personalized experiences. Mobile usage is accelerating, search engines are prioritizing and promoting local listings to provide more relevant content, and advertising is becoming more and more seamless with building excellent customer experiences, not just content. So make your website mobile-friendly, setup your Google+ Local listing, and find contextual advertising partners.

Google+ Will Be A Must

If you have integrated Google+ with your website, then great job. If not, then jump on the bandwagon. It is easy to classify Google+ as just another social offering, but the difference is that all signs point to Google using their offering more and more in their ranking algorithm. Authorship is becoming king and the best way for Google to verify trust in content creators is through their social network.

Deal Sites Will Evolve To Better Serve SMBs…Or Go Extinct

Deal sites like Groupon and Living Social were once setting trends but are now racking up huge losses. The reason: businesses have had a difficult time determining the value of these costly promotional campaigns. Watch the deal sites move away from the deep discount model to more traditional eCommerce models and watch for competitors that provide SMBs more flexibility.

Google Will Figure Out The Mobile Puzzle

Google has had a difficult time in translating its success on desktop to the mobile platform. The challenge is being able to deliver advertising without sacrificing the experience for mobile users. Why do I think Google will figure it out? Well honestly I’m not sure if they can, but with everything trending mobile, the will need to or become irrelevant. My bet is they will - we are already seeing mobile PPC costs close in desktop so it looks like they are headed in the right direction. But don’t count out upstarts nipping at Google’s flanks.

In: Nimble Marketing, Out: Campaigns

As an SMB, you can have a competitive marketing advantage over large competitors. Nimble marketing, that is marketing based on real-time interactions, can be a great way to foster relationships while large companies are stuck going through legal and several layers of bureaucracy to approve and run their traditional marketing campaigns. Your ability to react and engage on the fly through social media and inbound marketing can be a huge advantage.