Landing Page Optimization Doesn’t End With The Click

As I have discussed in prior posts regarding the pitfalls of PPC campaigns and niche digital marketing, landing page optimization is perhaps the best way to increase success events while improving efficiency through higher conversion. However, the story does not end there. An overlooked optimization opportunity lies after the click on the confirmation page.

So you have converted a customer or a lead from a targeted landing page. Great job! But did you know that the confirmation page can be a great source for additional calls to action that can increase the value of the original success event. Give them an opportunity to download your white paper. Serve up some relevant blog posts. Invite them to promote you via social bookmarks. Reward them with a promotional code towards a future purchase.

Confirmation page optimization is a free way to build deeper relationships with prospects and customers. You’ve already done the hard work by converting the visitor, so foster that new relationship by giving even more value and watch the profitability enhance.