Psychology of Gender and Social Media Marketing

As this article summarizes, the differences in psychology between men and women play themselves out in the world of social media. According to the numbers, usage of Pinterest and Facebook leans toward women, while men are heavier users of Google+. Twitter skews slightly to the fairer sex in usage, however, women receive most of the attention with more tweets being directed at them (not surprisingly).

What does this mean for your digital marketing strategy? With this insight your digital marketing consultant or team may try and test different social media channels for demographic targeting. If you are selling hand tools then you may be better served with a strategy focused on Google+ recommendations. If you sell homemade purses and your target market is 20-something women then Facebook may be the ideal centerpiece in your social media strategy. Every business will be different, the important thing is to be open to a testing and optimization process to find out the best way to reach your target customers.