Project Portfolio

Fair Lending Risk Market Analysis / SMB Analyst - Compliance Analysis

Analyzed 2010 lending data to quantify the exposure to Fair Lending risk for mortgage lenders in the Memphis market. A chi-square test was applied to compare lending activity among ethnicity and race groups for each lender. This was used as research to identify prospects that may need compliance program support.

Website "Trinity" Assessment for Consulting Firm / Digital Marketing - Web Analytics

Analyzed data from Google Analytics to assess the "trinity" performance (behavior, experience, outcomes) of a consulting firm's website. A report was delivered highlighting gaps and opportunities and presenting short-term and long-term recommendations to leverage the website.

CRA Peer Comparison / SMB Analyst - Compliance Analysis

Compared lending activity of regional mortgage lender and its peers in its assessment areas. The lender used this information to evaluate potential risk of non-compliance with the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) and develop an action plan in preparation for an upcoming regulatory examination.

Program Measurement Framework And Reporting Strategy / SMB Analyst - Measurement & Reporting Strategy

Designed a measurement framework that aligned KPIs with business objectives for a new lead generation program. Met with leadership to document objectives and related tactics to identify the best KPIs to measure success. This framework was used to build a periodic dashboard and analysis to measure and report performance.

Private School SEO / Digital Marketing - Optimization

Market research, keyword targeting, on-page optimization and Webmaster Tools setup for measurement. Analyzed the site using Google Analytics and presented digital lead generation tactics to increase admission volume.