The d2i Concept

d2i is an acronym that stands for data (d) to (2) insight (i). That summarizes the approach that I take to help businesses use data - online and offline, quantitative and qualitative - to make decisions. The process of insight discovery through measurement and analysis can transform every part of your business. You can understand the drivers of your costs in your accounting information system. You can segment and target your customers using your CRM. You can place products and recommend services using transactional data. You can identify customers that are less likely to retain your business and formulate tactics to win them over. The opportunities are limited only by the infrastructure and resources available in your business. With the right culture, measurement, reporting and analyses you can become a more informed organization, and you do not have to break the bank doing it.

Although I believe strongly that an analytical organization will lead to better results, I realize it is not applicable for every business. That is why I call my approach practical. You may lack the resources, time, history, need, and infrastructure to become a more data-driven, analytical organization. There are times where pure analytics is simply not appropriate for your business model. But regardless of the constraints and situation of your business, the merits of data and insight discovery balanced with your organization's internal expertise can help you make more enlightened decisions.

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